The most important practical and critical problem related to the performance of reservoirs is the estimation of storage capacity loss due to sedimentation process. The problem to be addressed is to estimate the rate of sediment deposition and the period of time at which the sediment would interfere with the useful functioning of a reservoir.

JAIPUR: The Rajasthan Government will submit a scheme worth Rs.267 crore to the Centre within a week for permanent construction of distributaries of the Bhakhra irrigation system in northern parts of the State. The system covers an area measuring 20,285 hectares.

The Supreme Court today did not allow a plea of Haryana to "lift' water from the Bhakra main line (BML)canal and pump it into the Hansi-Butana. The stay on puncturing the BML to connect the Hansi-Butana canal will continue and the matter will be now heard on July 18. Notably Haryana had submitted a proposal in the apex court to lift 500 cusecs of water through pumping and send it down the Hansi-Butana canal. This is a significant move as by-elections are due in Haryana on May 22.

The falling water level in reservoirs indicates the impending power crisis and uncomfortable summer for people in Punjab . The decade's lowest water levels in the Bhakra-Beas Management Board (BBMB)-managed Bhakra, Pong and Ranjit Sagar Dam reservoirs this time have caused concern among the state's power circles resulting in considerable loss of power generation in all BBMB-managed projects. This has also led to the dwindling of BBMB's share in Punjab's power kitty from the usual 175 lakh to 200 lakh units to an estimated 105 lakh units this time.

Satluj River is a major river of the Indus system and originates from Mansarovar lake in Tibet. The total catchment area of the Satluj upto Bhakra Dam is about 56875 sq km out of which about 36900 sq km lies in Tibet. The total catchment area upto Nathpa dam site is about 49820 sq km.

The Bhakra Nangal project s success is rooted in myth, says a new study

Accelerated melting of glaciers floods Bhakra Nangal dam

The Supreme Court has ordered Haryana and Punjab to supply an additional 125 cusecs of water from the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) project to Delhi through its canals to ease the water

A breach in the Bhakra Nangal dam in Punjab inundates more than 1,215 hectares of agricultural land

THE heat wave that sent a large part of North India to the sick bed proved to be an occasion for joy to farmers in the Punjab-Haryana belt: it melted snow at the sources of the rivers in the