Researchers at the Carnegie Institution of Washington, USA and the Martek Biosciences Corporation of Columbia, have devised a way to make one species of single-celled algae grow without light. By

scientists at the University of California, Berkeley and the us National Renewable Energy Laboratory, have found a way to use green algae to produce hydrogen gas from sunlight and water.

South African townships that were earlier helpless in the face of pollution caused by human wastes, are now bucking up to the problem. Spirulina, offering a cheap algae based solution, has saved the day for them

Spirulina, a species of microscopic blue green algae commonly found in fresh water ponds, is fast emerging as a source of multicrore business opportunities in India. Ballarpur Industries

Toxins Released By The Tiny Organisms May

For a country like India, which already depends on the imports of
vegetable oil, we have to see another viable a novel alternative for bio-diesel production. This scenario changes dramatically if microalgae are used to produce bio-diesel.