Tiny algae and a whale native to the Pacific have crossed a thawing Arctic Ocean in what may portend a marine invasion threatening Atlantic fish stocks, scientists said on Sunday.

The Pacific algae, absent from the North Atlantic for 800,000 years according to fossil records, apparently returned after climate change thawed sea ice and currents carried the microscopic plants across the Arctic Oc

The green slime that covers ponds is an efficient factory for turning sunlight into fuel, but growing it on an industrial scale will take ingenuity.


Experts Put On Fast Track Way To Make Fossil Fuel
Alicante (Spain): In a forest of tubes eight metres high in eastern Spain scientists hope they have foundthefuelof tomorrow:bio-oil produced with algae mixed with carbon dioxide from a factory.

Almost 400 of the green tubes, filledwith millionsof microscopic algae, cover a plain near the city of Alicante, next to a cement works from which t

Algae may soon become a source of green fuel for both developed and developing countries.

A field experiment was conducted on rice seed production in rice-wheat cropping system to find out the effect of application of biofertilizers and urea on the grain yield and quality attributes of rice varieties at the research farm of Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India during 2 wet seasons of 2006-08.

Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has prepared a plan to install 17 Floating Solar Powered High Flow Circulators/Solar Bees and 10 Portable Wastewater Treatment Plants worth of Rs 400 million at Rawal Lake to clean contaminations from its water, sources told Daily Times on Wednesday.

Algae Planted To Suck CO

Plymouth (England): Can algae save the world again? The microscopic green plants cleaned up the earth's atmosphere millions of years ago and scientists hope they can do it now by helping remove greenhouse gases and create new oil reserves.

Borculo (Netherlands): Set amid cornfields and cow pastures in Holland is a shallow pool that is rapidly turning green with algae, harvested for animal feed, skin treatments, biodegradable plastics

NEW DELHI: The Growdiesel Climate Care Council and the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology are organising India