NEW DELHI: Opposition unity was once again displayed in Parliament on Wednesday as parties gracing the non-ruling benches got together to stall proceedings in the two Houses in protest against the government

NEW DELHI: Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, who cautioned against instant populism, told his party MPs and leaders of allies on Wednesday that correcting the distortions in the pricing of petro goods was unavoidable. He also told his colleagues that the time to take bold decisions was

EVEN as the budget appears to have some benefits for the Punjab farmers, especially in terms of direct delivery of subsidies on fertilisers, easy mobility of grain from one state to another and conservation of natural resources especially groundwater resources, the increase in excise duty on petrol and diesel will result in higher cost of production for various crops, which may not go down well fo

Minister Gives No Assurance To Trinamool & DMK On Rollback; NCP Backs Pranab

P B Jayakumar / Mumbai March 01, 2010, 0:15 IST

Pune-based energy and environment solutions

Ajay Modi / New Delhi March 1, 2010, 0:12 IST

OMCs also worried at seeming setback to any early move to cut underrecoveries on retailed fuel.

The Civil Nuclear Liability Bill was on top of the UPA government

The finance ministry has advocated an increase in auto and cooking fuel prices only after the Budget is tabled in Parliament on February 26 in an effort to avert possible united protests from the United Progressive Alliance

Vinson Kurian

The State Budget for 2010-11 being presented later this month would feature some

Opposition members today made a strong plea to go for micro hydel projects instead of the mega ones, to meet the power demand of the State and the NE region as well.