The Tamil Nadu Government today launched the first phase of the project providing free compact fluorescent light bulbs to over 14 lakh hut-dwellers in the State, an energy saving measure aimed at s

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) will soon lose its ‘Green’ rating, when the Treasury introduces the `Green Procurement System’.

Consumer research finds conservative shoppers avoid purchasing an item associated with protecting the environment

Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) has proposed to the Defence Housing Authority (DHA), to insert the energy conservation guidelines as a mandatory clause for adherence in its bylaws.

Orange Electric, the 100% Sri Lankan owned electrical accessories manufacturing giant, has launched a special promotion for CFL bulbs while ensuring the eco-friendly disposal of old CFL bulbs which

A British company has developed new ‘incredible’ light bulbs which are powered by gravity, for free distribution to communities in India and Africa who do not have reliable access to electricity.

Top scientists of the Bureau of Indian Standards have been found by the Central Vigilance Commission as having colluded with manufacturers to issue fake standard certifications for domestic lamps.

From Saturday September 1 2012, shops will no longer be allowed to order new stocks of incandescent lightbulbs of 40w or lower.

After more than a century lighting up the world, the switch will be flicked off across the EU for the final time on incandescent bulbs on Saturday as the phased ban on their sale is completed.

Fuel distributor MRH says it can reduce energy costs by almost 90% after replacing the lights at its 350 petrol station forecourts.