• The Bureau of Indian Standards has developed a quality standard for government departments and public service organisations.

The standard

In July-August 2003, when soft-drink firms across the country were struggling to contain the impact of the discovery of pesticide residues in their products, in Kerala, Coca-Cola came under intense

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The regulation will cover toys targeted at children below six years

Toys with toxic substances pose health risk to children

CHENNAI: Imported toys sold in the city will soon be required to carry statutory information about their conforming to the safety standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

MUMBAI: The Centre's Bachat Lamp Yojana scheme, which was set to take off in January 2009, has failed to make any headway even after a year since its inception.

We found staggeringly high levels of lead in virtually all samples we checked

When paint companies were asked about their plans to phase out lead, three responded by doing so in months.

Most of the popular brands of paints contain high quantities of lead, a toxin especially dangerous for children, says a latest study done by Centre for Science and Environment. While there is no mandatory standard for lead levels in paints in the country, top companies exceed even the voluntary limit specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Standards in six months likely THE Bureau of Energy Efficiency (bee) is preparing new labeling standards for cfls (compact fluorescent lamps) based on light output. Like other consumer electronics such as refrigerators, air-conditioners and fans, cfls would also be given star ratings

The current Indian standard for caffeine in soft drinks is lenient

Company-government reasons

Why they don't make sense