The Centre has proposed a ban on non-recyclable laminated multi-layered plastics and metallic pouches used for packing shampoo, gutkha, pan masala and foodstuffs like namkeen and biscuits.

Despite a popular demand for it, and Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh having already set a precedent, India will not have a blanket ban on plastic carry bags. The Environment Ministry has instead proposed putting in place a stricter regulatory regime for plastic manufacturers.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority's track-record suggests it is industry-friendly, not pro-consumer

We are discussing a governance-reform initiative

The Bureau of Indian Standards has awarded the Kinfra Film and Video Park here the ISO 14001:2004 certificate for environmental management and system certification.

ISO 14001:2004 is a standard certification for meeting the Pollution Control Board

As part of its drive against the use of plastic bags, the Delhi government has issued showcause notices to eight plastic manufacturing units in the Capital for producing poly bags that exceed the prescribed thickness and size.

New Delhi: It got banned in some developed countries more than a century ago but the Centre for Science and Environment has found unacceptable levels of deadly lead in the enamel paints it tested. Seventy two per cent samples of enamel paints tested by the NGO

Earthquakes and tsunamis are the most d c gentle of natural - disasters. They cause least harm when you are r in the open.
Geographically, Tamil Nadu is in a very advantageous position - as prior notice about tsunami can be given at least 110 to 140 minutes in advance for a tsunami e and people will only , have to move a km from the shore - }

The best option is, of course, recycling in an environmentally sound manner. But it is also a fact that most civic bodies fail to collect and dispose waste. Instead of implementing techno logical innovations States such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, West Bengal other than Delhi have banned the use of plastic bags.

Environmental and health activists who have given a bad name to asbestos are facing the wrath of an industry that pleads that this is the best option for our country---------

FACT: In June 2001. the Supreme Court in Brazil rejected a petition by some activists for ban of asbestos-cement production. Brazil is one of the largest producers and users of asbestos.

Bangalore, July 3 Underwriters Laboratories has launched a certification programme for bottled water in India, a year after it introduced the service in the US.

With the Rs 1,000-crore Indian packaged water industry estimated to grow at 40 per cent, safety certification assumes more importance in a country that experiences large-scale waterborne diseases.