The Bureau of Indian Standards is planning to come out with a new set of rules for construction of tall buildings. This will help officials and infrastructure companies, which are aiming to construct high-rise buildings in many metro cities including Hyderabad. At present, there are no specific rules to guide builders who are taking up mega projects. The BIS has constituted a highlevel committee consisting of seven experts to frame the rules. It is headed by the engineering expert, Aravind Srivastava.

How does one select a water filter?

Step 1: Understand raw water quality. Find out the contaminants in water, its hardness and its total dissolved solid contents. Also find out if the water has heavy metals, pesticides or any other chemical

The BIS drinking water specification (IS 10500:1991), which is a voluntary standard, was drawn up in 1983. It was last revised 17 years ago. A revision initiated in 2003, is still in its draft stage.

We asked a few manufacturers about the standards they adhere to. Here is what they said

Philips Electronics India: Gold seal Class A certified by the US-based Water Quality Association, certified by KIWA Water Research of the Netherlands and BIS certification for UV filters

Industry sources exude confidence about the water purifier segment. Manufacturers peg their hopes on the increasing purchasing power of the middle class in cities, small towns and the suburbs.

Some of the paints may contain formaldehyde and benzene, which are carcinogenic while others have heavy metals like lead, mercury and phthalates, which are human and ecosystem toxins, writes Deepti Ad

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has toothpaste specifications to control fineness of paste, presence of hard and sharp-edged particles, quantum of fluoride, stability, microbial purity, pH

The Toxics Link study found high concentrations of lead in all samples of soft toys containing PVC. Even trace amounts of lead are dangerous to children.

Sunita Narain, an Indian environmentalist, has dented two of the world's glossiest brands : a report.

Pesticide residue norms: Cola majors yet to clean up their act, govt drags its feet.