JAMSHEDPUR: Colourful and refreshing, the Butterfly Park set up by the Tata Steel Zoological Society, here, the first in the eastern region, has become the cynosure of all eyes. The species on display were the Plain Tiger, Lime Butterfly, Commander and Lemon Pansy, while those like the Common Emigrant, Common Crow, Peacock Pansy, Common Castor were being bred. Hundreds of butterflies of the five species have been released in the display area while efforts were on to collect plants on which the larvae of the other species fed.

Butterflies in the Andaman archipelago have been facing colonisation. The carrier of the colonists was the 2004 tsunami which brought three foreign species of butterflies to the islands, threatening

In situ propagation of butterflies was attempted through establishment of a butterfly garden in a 0.5 ha degraded moist deciduous forest patch at the Kerala Forest Research Institute campus at Peechi, Kerala. Creation of butterfly habitats through landscaping and introduction of suuitable host plants to sustain different species of butterflies were the major activities undertaken.

YOU'LL be glad to know that in the concrete jungle of Mumbai, some beautiful creatures are giving children something to smile about.

you see a lot of butterflies hovering around coffee plantations. The reason is the plantations have scattered stands of trees for shade. And a change in ecology can affect their numbers. Over