A three-day survey in the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary has recorded 176 species of butterflies.

Tropical South America is rich in different groups of pollinators, but the biotic and abiotic factors determining the geographical distribution of their species richness are poorly understood. We analyzed the species richness of three groups of pollinators (bees and wasps, butterflies, hummingbirds) in six tropical forests in the Bolivian lowlands along a gradient of climatic seasonality and precipitation ranging from 410 mm to 6250 mm.

Lieutenant-Governor launches International Year of Forests celebration by planting a sapling

62 species belonging to 43 genera representing five families of the order Lepidoptera were recorded from Sunabeda Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa.

The Kodigahakanda forest in the Olabouwa North Grama Niladhari division in Horana will be declared a sanctuary in November under the Forest Conservation Department, MEDEF President K.Munagama told

India is a paradise for butterflies with a record of nearly 1501 species, of which, the presence of nearly 962 species is known from the biodiversity rich hotspot sectors of North East India. Records of the Zoological Survey of India published under the state fauna series have shown the occurrence
of 106 species from Manipur.

With a view to increasing the forest/tree cover as per the national forest policy, 64 lakh saplings will be planted across the State, Forest Minister K.T. Pachamal told the Assembly on Tuesday.

The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change, a panel of international experts assessing the current scientific knowledge on climate, has asserted that warming of the earth's climate system is ‘unequivocal', Fr. Ignacimuthu, Director, Entomology Research Institute, Loyola College, Chennai, said here recently.

Plants and animals are responding up to three times faster to climate change than previously estimated, as wildlife shifts to cooler altitudes and latitudes, researchers said on Thursday.

Forest Department to launch second phase
PATHANAMTHITTA: The eco-tourism project launched by the Forest Department at Konni four years ago is to get a facelift with the department deciding to launch the second phase of the project.

Official sources told The Hindu on Saturday that steps would be taken to set up a children's park and butterfly park at the elephant camp.

Construction of a comp