Documents show Natural England believes spraying will not eradicate oak processionary moth and could harm butterflies

Quino checkerspot, native to Mexico and California, shifts to higher altitude and chooses new species of plant for laying eggs

Animals and plants are already today adapting to the rising temperatures at a surprising pace.

Hyderabad: City entomologists have expressed concern over the dwindling number of butterflies in the state.

Considered as the indicators of a healthy eco-system, the number of butterfly species have come down gradually from 116, as recorded last in October 2012, to just 35 this year.

Environmentalists Back Gadgil Committee Report On Western Ghats Conservation

Kannur: At a time when the Centre has conceded to Kerala’s demands on Western Ghats by withdrawing its inprinciple acceptance of the Kasturirangan committee report, many environmentalists are harping on implementing the suggestions of the Madhav Gadgil committee report for its conservation.

One of the most beautiful butterflies in the country, Baronet Euthalia nais, found only in the Nilgala area, particularly in the Gal Oya National Park, is facing a severe threat due to the beedi in

Audit reveals 70% of priority species have suffered long-term decline since 1970

A rare sub-species of butterfly has been discovered by two scientists at Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary in West Kameng district of Arunachal Pradesh, much to the delight of in the country.

New finds rekindle interest in melanism in the wild in Palakkad

Some of the wild animals in the forests of Silent Valley, Parambikulam, Nelliampathy and Attappady in the district are, it seems, not showing their true colours.

Increasing concretization and loss of greenery have led to a dwindling of the city's butterfly population. But now, a group of schoolchildren, as part of a community initiative, is working to bring the colourful insects back to town.

The plan is to place nectar-rich plants like lantanas, which attract butterflies, in public parks and gardens. This is aimed at providing a conducive environment for different species of butterflies to thrive, said Dr Puja Sukhija, executive director of the NGO Organisation of Aware Saviours in Society (OASIS), which is involving schoolchildren in the 'Bring Back Butterflies' project.