GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Biologists have discovered a new species of butterfly occupying Alaska's interior -- the first in 28 years.

Favorable weather conditions at breeding grounds for monarch butterflies in Mexico are expected to help raise their numbers to possibly more than 100 million this year, about triple of a few years

Setting an example for housing societies in Mumbai and its satellite suburbs, Eden Woods, one of the leafiest housing colonies in Thane’s Vasant Vihar, has initiated a green audit which will includ

The colourful butterflies fluttering through Zanzibar's Jozani forest are beautiful to look at, but for farmers and charcoal producers in the region, they mean something more: a paycheck.

The gatekeeper, one of the UK's most abundant butterflies, has declined by 40% in the past decade

Long-distance migration can lower parasite prevalence if strenuous journeys remove infected animals from wild populations. We examined wild monarch butterflies (Danaus plexippus) to investigate the potential costs of the protozoan Ophryocystis elektroscirrha on migratory success. We collected monarchs from two wintering sites in central Mexico to compare infection status with hydrogen isotope (δ2H) measurements as an indicator of latitude of origin at the start of fall migration.

Female butterflies are better than their male counterparts at mimicking noxious and unpalatable butterflies, which helps them avoid bird predators, according to a study by scientists of the Nationa

Tamil Nadu Butterfly Society has recorded 271 species in State

The first ever comprehensive butterfly survey held in the Munnar wildlife division has spotted as many as 206 new species.

KERI: A pair of endemic Southern Birdwing butterflies in mating posture has been photographed in Bhuipal by Suryakant Gaonkar.