MEXICO CITY — Illegal logging more than tripled in the monarch butterfly’s wintering grounds In central Mexico, reversing several years of steady improvements, investigators announced Tuesday.

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing spotted in Ri Bhoi

Severe droughts caused by global warming could have a far greater impact on some UK species of butterfly than previously thought

As a 1991 Times Fellow, you worked on a project that involved following butterfly trails. What was the outcome?

European food safety officials found there was no need to widen buffer zones around genetically modified (GM) crops even though research shows that pollen from GM maize, which can travel kilometres

Nagpur: The 9th meeting of the state wildlife board, highest decision-making body on projects falling within 10km from the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, on Monday declared Blue Mormon sp

SRIVILLIPUTHUR: As many as 113 butterfly species were found in a two-day butterfly survey carried out by the Tamil Nadu Butterfly Society in the Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary in Srivilliputh

Sixty species of bird and 70 species of butterfly were recorded in the Devalsari nature and bird training course held in Tehri district recently.

Now you can find rare butterflies and gather all the information regarding local and migrant ones at a single click.

Illegal online trafficking in imperiled wildlife is rampant, and attempted controls are few and largely ineffective.