Four Rajasthan villages get microgrid solar power using an innovative pre-paid meter that detects theft

Two complete blocks of the Secretariat (D and H blocks) will soon rely on solar energy to generate power.

Rs. 15 for domestic consumers, Villupuram and Kanyakumari districts to be covered initially

In an effort to promote energy efficiency, Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (Tangedco), now at the centre of the public ire for unprecedented load shedding, will soon approach domestic consumers and hut dwellers to supply compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in exchange forconventional incandescent bulbs (in Tamil, gundu bulbs).

Rs.7.7 lakh to be spent for setting up plant

The Cumbum Municipality plans to tap solar energy on a large scale to trim its power bill. Initially, solar power would be provided to the municipal office, municipal maternity hospital and the municipal abattoir, said Chairman T.Shiva Kumar. Presiding over a council meeting here on Tuesday evening, he said Rs.7.7 lakh would be spent on setting up a solar power plant for the municipal office and for its computer centre, and Rs.4 lakh would be spent on a solar plant for the maternity home and the municipal abattoir.

Consumer research finds conservative shoppers avoid purchasing an item associated with protecting the environment

The mercury density of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) will be reduced by 80 percent by 2015 in comparison to 2010, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said Tuesday.

BANGALORE: Harish Hande is in the business of spreading sunshine. When he set up his company in 1995, he wanted to dispel the myth that the poor cannot afford sustainable technologies and that social ventures cannot be run as commercial entities.

Selco Solar shows it can be done. For 17 years, this for-profit social enterprise has been lighting up low-income homes, providing sustainable energy solutions and financial services. It has sold, serviced and financed solar products to 1.5lakh homes in Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Bihar and Bengal. It offers guarantee mechanisms so the poor have access to loans, and rental models for hawkers and slum-dwellers.

More than 140 countries have agreed on the first global treaty to cut mercury pollution through a blacklist of household items and new controls on power plants and small-scale mines, the United Nat

More than 140 countries have reached a deal to cut mercury emissions after all-night talks in Geneva, the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) said on Saturday.

Government-level talks began Sunday at the United Nations in Geneva on forming an international treaty to regulate mercury trading and prevent environmental and health problems arising from the tox