Nepal s forest bureaucracy prepares for the funeral of the much hailed community forest management programme

Forest bureaucracy arms itself to halt the spread of CFM • In the guise of a finance bill, the Nepalese government has given district forest officers powers to punish forest users' groups

The Andhra Pradesh government s move to legalise JFM kicks off a row

"The Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) shall have powers to remove any member who is found guilty of having committed offence under any of the Forest Acts and Rules

Excerpts from the Statement of Shared Concern by the participants of the CSE conference on Potential of Water Harvesting: Traditions, Policies and Social Mobilisation New Delhi, October 3 5, 1998 voiced the new paradigm for water management

Seabuckthorn, a plant with numerous medicinal properties, grows wild in India. Rural communities are the losers

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