P S Ramakrishnan , former director of G B Pant University in Nainital, Uttar Pradesh and currently professor at the School of Environmental Sciences in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, spoke to

One man s dedication transformed the degraded, deforested land of his village

Water trains aren t a strange sight anymore. Not the least in the parched areas of Gujarat. But while many villages await their erratic supply, residents of villages such as Raj Samadiyala in Rajkot district believe it is a shame to get government wat

India has listed 16 wetlands under the Ramsar sites, but with no policies, knowledge or interest shown by the authorities, proper management is impossible? Brij Gopal speaks to Lian Chawii on thi

THE reality of participation has often differed from the rhetoric. In fact, much development, which is participatory in nature, has remained top-down in practice. This may be so because even though

Delegates came and talked but failed to arrive at any conclusions at the World Water Forum

The loss of life in the super cyclone that hit the Orissa coast last year was not an act of God . Had the emergency plans been in place, the loss would have been considerably reduced. It is time the government focused on a village level emergency plan ,

In the barren wildness of the savannahs in Colombia, a visionary establishes an extraordinary community

village-level Joint Forest Management (jfm) committees

10,000 trees in 66 years, an octogenarian revives greenery in a village in Bihar