Khadi has strayed from its objective of providing a livelihood to artisans in rural areas. For preserving the ethos of khadi, rather than just tinker with the existing system a restructuring of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission is necessary. The potential of khadi needs to be exploited for its inherent worth rather than be supported for charity.

An oligopolistic market, fluctuating market conditions, inadequate modernisation and the subordinate status of hired workers have contributed to the poor living conditions of workers in Sircilla, a powerloom centre of Andhra Pradesh. The state and central governments need to intervene in a more organised fashion to end the distress.

Bamboo is an important natural resource in the socio-economic, cultural, ecological and functional context with 1500 well documented uses. Having high strength, elasticity and wear resisting characteristics, it grows rapidly and matures in a short period (3-5 years) with high yield, easy to manage, strong in regeneration, lasts for long time and sprouts new shoots after yearly harvests.

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Exports of coir and coir-based products in the first quarter of the financial year increased 7.83 per cent to 45,038 tonnes from 41,766 tonnes in the corresponding quarter last year. Earnings increased marginally by 1.99 per cent from Rs 127.10 crore to Rs 129.64 crore in Q1.

AC Jose, chairman of the Coir Board, said the first quarter performance had built a strong momentum.

"It gives us confidence that we are on the right track. Though rupee appreciation prevailed, we could sustain an attractive growth rate,' he added.

Everyone gets inspiration from mother. But here is a story of a young innovator who not only got inspired by his mother but also relieved the pain and suffering of all the mothers of his community. The financial condition of his society has improved a lot due to his innovation, the automatic Asu machine. It has revived the dying silk sari of Pochampalli variety. Innovation rewriting the history.

Based on fieldwork, this paper examines the problems and prospects of the handloom sector in Andhra Pradesh. One major finding is that the growth performance of cooperatives determines the growth of other institutions

The loom in Aruna Kumari's badly lit, mud-walled house in Epurupalem village runs from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., with either Aruna or her husband working at it constantly. Her ageing grandmother contributes

Bamboos are one of the versatile plant groups with multifarious uses and meet many needs of the society. Bamboo is a viable replacement for wood and industrial raw material for both traditional cottage and modern industrial sectors. The employment potential of bamboo is very high and the major work forces involved are very poor.

Prosperity of a nation depends on the status and development of its women more, as women not only constitute nearly one third of its human resource population but also influence the growth of remaining two third of the human resource. Realizing the importance of farm-women, from Ist to Vth plan, for the development of women, Govt.

The study documents practices of 28 community-based forest enterprises (CBFEs) in Nepal, representing different enterprise models - FUGs, networks, cooperatives, and companies. FUGs are primarily constrained by their limited scale in terms of membership and land area. The formation of intergroups and networks minimizes this limitation.