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Pottery units, papad -makers, leather workers, furniture makers, even dance bars: Dharavi is a bustling economy now threatened by builder-driven redevelopment

IN THE modern world of plastic and chrome, humankind's fascination with natural materials endures. The popularity of terracotta, earthenware, leatherware, hand-crafted ornaments and textiles made

Opium and its derivatives hold almost complete sway over the lives of most of the youth of Uttar Pradesh's Ghazipur district, where the Union government's opium factory is also located.

From Kashmir to Burma, where tigers once lived amid lush forests, a vast tract of land has been laid bare by the timber industry. In its wake have come landslides, drought and yet further poverty. The only hope for the hill people is a Ghandian like movement which villagers have adopted to thwart developers.

A front page report covering over forty column-inch was published in a local English daily on 11th April on the subject. It deserves national attention and urgent action by the government; if it is really serious to go ahead to provide more power within the next two years (by December 2012).