Crop residues like wheat straw and corn stover

Concerns for energy conservation, developing sustainable energy sources and interest towards national energy security benefits combined with growing environmental pollution is necessitating the search for renewable energy sources. Of the renewable energy sources, biomass is highly flexible and the least cost alternative.

The use of clean fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) instead of biomass-based fuels used for cooking in India would be beneficial in several ways. However, only about 33.6 million or 17.5% of all Indian homes use LPG as their primary cooking fuel, with 90% of rural homes still dependent on some form of biomass.

Post harvest clumps in rice fields burn and increasepollution in Punjab

About 150 million tonnes of forestry waste and 350 million tonnes of agricultural residue are produced in India every year. However, a major portion of the wastes is not utilised. Scientists in India

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