Pollution levels in Delhi are already high and as we head into winter, it is going to get worse. On the show, we do a reality check on the promises made by governments on the steps that were meant to be taken. Are we ready? Or is there a lack of political will to deal with air pollution?

Public Forum- Crop Burning Menace

Property Guide takes a close look at the most sensitive issue – Air Pollution. Magicbricks Now caught up with Dinesh Gundu Rao - MLA,Karnataka.
RaviKumar - Bangalore Political Action Committee,Anumita Roychowdhury - Executive Director, Research and Advocacy, Centre For Science and Environment and Sumaira Abdulali - Social Activist to know more about this burning issue. Tune in to the video to know more:

Weather forecast predicts acid rain over Delhi NCR during this Diwali season.

Uncontrolled burning of paddy stubbles by Punjab farmers appears to be again putting the health of residents in the National Capital Region at risk, with Delhi's air quality falling sharply in the past two days even as farm fires peak in Punjab.

Delhi is the most polluted city in the world. That's common knowledge today. But did you know that 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world are right here in India? In the third episode of our special series on air pollution - Clean Air, My Right, we take a look at what is contributing to this mess. How did our cities get this polluted?


Large-scale production of crop based (first generation) biofuels may not be feasible without adversely affecting
global food supply or encroaching on other important land uses.

This report is a survey on the technical potential of biomass from current agriculture and forestry in the regions; Europe incl. Russia and Ukraine, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, China and India. The report provides projections for agricultural residue production assuming availability of fertilizers, plant protection and mechanization.

It is a move that is long overdue. After years of waiting, 11 remote villages in the Sunderbans delta can finally look forward to getting electricity in the new year. What makes the project even more special is that the electricity will be generated from rice husk.

PUDUCHERRY: Over 22 industries from across the Union Territory received awards for energy conservation from Chief Minister V. Vaithilingam on the occasion of Energy Conservation Day 2009 on Tuesday.