The National Literacy Mission (NLM) plans to lead Delhi's 2.48 million illiterates "from darkness into light". Besides reading and writing, the mission will focus on sex education, AIDS awareness,

Delhi is sitting on an unstable pile of sand, warn seismic experts. Earthquake engineering experts thus recommend the micro-zonation (mapping of small areas) of the Capital and other important urban

Traffic police in Delhi will be granted an allowance for breathing polluted air. The compensation amount will be graded according to rank, ranging from Rs 100 for constables to Rs 200 for inspectors.

The public sector Delhi Transport Corp (DTC), whose buses have a reputation for being polluting, has received an award by the Indian Oil Corp (IOC) for saving fuel. Presenting the award, instituted

A recent exhibition in Delhi drew crowds looking for discounts and new gadgets. But how many paid attention to a special section on the danger to the environment and the need for eco friendly development?

The development of birth control methods that use the body's immune system may be more convenient than condoms and pills. But several groups warn against the unknown dangers of such methods.

A look at the environmental agendas of political parties.

Issues relating to the environment, though not on top of the agenda, did make their presence felt in the just concluded assembly elections.

Washing of ice cream vats at the Nirula's factory produced a liquid that was rich in milk fats and sugar, but had a high pollution potential. Distributing the 'milk shake' among students of a blind school took care of the problem and also earned goodwill

Handicapped children are being helped to overcome their disabilities through special programmes and innovative schemes such as art.