A deadly nexus between government officials and builders reduce most of Gujarat s homes to rubbles

This country does not need a Crisis Management Group. It needs a Governance Crisis Management Group

An earthquake rocks El Salvador causing widespread destruction. Deforestation aggravates the situation

With an eye on the drought situation that has gripped India, the United Nations (UN)

A hurricane wreaks havoc in North Carolina in the US

the ministry of environment and forests (mef), in collaboration with the General Insurance Corporation of India, is planning to establish an Environment Relief Fund to provide relief to victims of

For centuries, the Dutch have been trying to keep their heads over water by barricading out the sea and the rivers. But there comes a point when the environment has to be considered when reclaiming land and strengthening dykes

The killer cyclone that hit Andhra Pradesh in 1977 will long be remembered as India's worst natural calamity of this century. But that we still haven't learnt the lessons of the tragedy is evidenced by the widespread suffering that resulted from last mont