Comparison has been made between the drinking water specifications as per IS 10500 - 1991, CPHEEO manual and the guidelines issued by WHO. There is a need to redefine some of the parameters of drinking water in our standards.

This document by Reach Out Water Solutions (ROWS) highlights the daily reality of people living in the slums of Mumbai and the inadequate water supply available to the 10 million slum residents to meet their daily requirements.

With contaminated water being supplied in the potable water connections in district headquarters for the past few days, the threat to public health is on the rise.

Sayantani Kar / November 26, 2009, 0:15 IST

Pureit and Acquasure are fighting hard for leadership in the entry-level market.

The advertisement war in the entry-level water purifier market saw a court-mandated pause last week, but the two main players

M K Sunil Kumar

KOCHI: Are you worried about the colour of the drinking water that comes to your home? You need to be, because the water you're getting may not be very pure. Incessant rain, coupled with apathy on the part of the authorities, has caused a lot of hardship to the consumers of drinking water supplied by the Kerala Water Authority (KWA) in Kochi.

Researchers have pinpointed the source of what is probably the worst mass poisoning in history, according to a study published on Sunday.

For nearly three decades scientists have struggled to figure out exactly how arsenic was getting into the drinking water of millions of people in rural Bangladesh.

MADURAI: Health officials on Thursday ordered for

SIVASAGAR, Nov 11: After the finding of a contaminated drinking water bottle manufactured by Tirupati Water Industries and the subsequent ultimatum by AASU to ban the sale of drinking water bottles manufactured by the company, authorities of the company has appealed to the student

Supplying water is costly but dealing with its waste is even more so. Realistic pricing means taking rates up 20 times!

COIMBATORE: The Coimbatore Corporation has stepped up the monitoring of the chlorine content in drinking water in view of the North-East Monsoon.

Norms mandate 2 mg of chlorine in the tail-end areas of distribution, while the main service reservoirs (or overhead storage tanks) should have 5 mg.