The drought that hit Argentina's 1996-97 cotton crop earlier this year, has stripped the country of an output of as much as 100,000 tonnes (t) of lint, said a leading Argentine cotton exporter.

lack of rain, freezing temperatures and cold winds have brought fears of drought across Europe. Many farmers across Europe are now facing a 'catastrophe' according to Copa, the association of

Eastern Uganda has been hit below the belly by a severe famine owing to a continuous draught this season. An earlier report had stated that 19 out of 39 districts in the country are suffering from

Northern Kenya is again facing the onslaught of droughts, having received scant rain in the last two years. The tell-tale signs are growing malnutrition, rising grain prices and falling cattle

At a recent workshop on food processing technologies, African specialists felt they have found a way out of the serialised food crisis

THE mythic origins of Jodhpur's water crisis go back to the time when the Rao Jodha clan laid claim to the rocky outcrop that was to be the-Mehrangarh fort about 500 years ago. But to do so, they

With the delayed monsoons and the threat of drought looming large over India, K 81kram Singh's first independent feature film, Tarpan, was premiered in July at the most appropriate time.

The much awaited monsoon in Bangladesh spells doom for the nation

A long summer of discontent seems to be in store for residents of Pakistan's capital, Islamabad. Last year, the city's Simly Dam reservoir had dropped to a record low level because of a prolonged

Zimbabwe is gearing up for a bone dry period ahead. A so-called rainy season actually left the country high and dry, and turned out to be drier than the great drought of 1992. And the