Although 16 cases of children being sold have been reported, the Orissa government refuses to even acknowledge the problem.

On a single day in 1731, more than 350 persons 69 of them women sacrificed their lives to protect their trees from being felled in Jalnadi village, near Jodhpur.

A WHO study notes that While India has achieved impressive levels in food production, equitable distribution is still a distant dream. Chronic hunger still persists, but severe,nutrition related diseases have almost disappeared.

Diseases caused by severe malnutrition have been virtually eliminated.

Crops grown in micronutrientdeficient soils can lead to various types of illnesses.

"The Raindrop" is about a village near Chandigarh in Haryana. The book tells the story how this village was able to transform itself from a drought prone one to a food exporting one through community efforts and scientific watershed management.

The devastating famine that is killing Somalis by the thousands each week will end some day, but they may find out then that they have to deal with a new horror: the country has become a dumping ground for vast quantities of toxic waste.

Bickering aid agencies and rival rebel militia are all to be blamed for blocking the delivery of emergency food supplies to starving millions

THE ELEVEN countries in southern Africa, with a population of over 120 million, are in the midst of a drought of unprecedented severity in the region, mainly due to the failure of last year's

IT IS perhaps unfair for an economist to review a book which was originally submitted as a PhD thesis in anthropology. Unlike other anthropological works, a doctoral dissertation is necessarily less