NEW DELHI: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) on Thursday got an accreditation from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) - a global multilateral fund that is meant to assist devel

MUMBAI: The Ministry of environment and forest led by senior BJP leader Prakash Jawdekar on Friday approved a Rs 4845 crore Krishna-Marathwada irrigation project that will irrigate nearly one lakh

In January 2004, Nizamuddin East became one of the first colonies in Delhi to get rainwater harvesting systems (RWH).

The IMF working paper has tried to dispel some fears associated with the weather phenomenon

A clear picture is likely to emerge only towards the end of June

Hyderabad: With a water crisis looming large over Telangana State, the government has taken up a summer contingency plan to ensure drinking water to nine districts, especially where the groundwater

Infrastructure such as dams and reservoirs are critical water-supply features in several regions of the world. However, ongoing population growth, increased demand and climate variability/change necessitate the better understanding of these systems, particularly in terms of their long-term trends. The Sooke Reservoir (SR) of British Columbia, Canada is one such reservoir that currently supplies water to ~300,000 people, and is subject to considerable inter and intra-annual climatic variations.

In 2005 and 2010 the Amazon basin experienced two strong droughts, driven by shifts in the tropical hydrological regime possibly associated with global climate change, as predicted by some global models. Tree mortality increased after the 2005 drought, and regional atmospheric inversion modelling showed basin-wide decreases in CO2 uptake in 2010 compared with 2011. But the response of tropical forest carbon cycling to these droughts is not fully understood and there has been no detailed multi-site investigation in situ.

In the southwestern United States, where years of drought are leading water managers to consider drastic water-provision measures such as desalination and cloud seeding, entrepreneurs have suggested reviving a water-saving technique that was tried and abandoned half a century ago. They propose to stretch dwindling water supplies by slowing down evaporation from reservoirs by means of a surface barrier of cheap, non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals just one molecule thick — two-millionths of a millimetre.

The number of suicide cases by farmers due to agrarian reasons have increased by 26 percent to 1,109 in 2014, with majority of deaths reported from Maharashtra, Parliament was informed on Tuesday.