The government has taken steps to provide drought relief to people in the Anuradhapura district.

NEW DELHI: Drought-like conditions are intensifying as the monsoon hasn't moved an inch for 10 days now, leaving oilseeds, pulses and paddy fields parched and posing the threat of food inflation an

Even as 106 villages in Kutch district have already been declared semi-drought-hit, the Gujarat government is likely to double the number soon with the Relief Commissioner’s office sending a fresh

Africa is a rich continent. Some of those riches – especially oil, gas and minerals – have driven rapid economic growth over the past decade. The ultimate measure of progress, however, is the wellbeing of people – and Africa’s recent growth has not done nearly as much as it should to reduce poverty and hunger, or improve health and education.

The Australian weather bureau on Tuesday declared an El Nino alert, saying there was at least a 70% chance of occurrence of the weather pattern that’s also linked to weak monsoons in India, with so

In an alarming research, a team of scientists at Stanford University have identified significant changes in the patterns of extreme wet and dry events that are increasing the risk of drought and fl

‘Water scarcity curtailed cultivation of short-term crops’. The Tamizhaga Vivasayegal Sangam has made an appeal to the Government to declare Tamil Nadu as a drought-hit State.

Aurangabad (Maharashtra): Absence of proper rainfall has risked the farmlands of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra and lack of subsequent effective government intervention is leaving farmers with

New Delhi:Amid concerns of deficient rains this monsoon, a new study has shown that since 1980, all El Nino years have not resulted in a drought, although all droughts have happened in years of El

Given the Met’s disastrous track record in predicting the impact of El Nino events—the first projection in 2009 was of a rainfall level of 96% of the long-period average against the actual levels o