Seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTF) are located in regions with alternating wet and dry seasons, with dry seasons that last several months or more. By the end of the 21st century, climate models predict substantial changes in rainfall regimes across these regions, but little is known about how individuals, species, and communities in SDTF will cope with the hotter, drier conditions predicted by climate models.

Villagers at Mhlotsheni village near Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape are drinking and washing in muddy water as their only stream dries up.

Many pupils in Garissa County have stopped going to school and joined their parents in search of water and pasture for their livestock as drought continues to ravage the region.As the situation wor

At the dawn of time Lord Vishnu made gods and demons join in churning the milky oceans to extract an elixir of eternal life.

In Latur, drinking water crisis means the situation for cattle, animals is worse

Revenue Minister V Srinivas Prasad said officials should have complete information about the district while attending a meeting to discuss drought.

On the hot, empty road that leads from Las Vegas to the shocking beauty of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area sits Cactus Joe’s nursery.

NOTHING in India is as terrifying as the thought that the monsoon might not come.

Plan for a fresh financial assistance comes at a time when the public debt in Maharashtra has already crossed Rs 3.85 lakh crore.

Mumbai: A whopping USD 200 billion worth of wheat, rice and maize crops could be lost by 2050 globally if the issues arising from global warming are not addressed on a war-footing, an independent s