Light can put active materials into motion and humans can use this movement for development of new programmable materials which can be used for environment protection and deliver pharmaceutical sub

For over 30 years pharmaceutical companies have been selling fixed-dose combination drugs with scant need to justify their efficacy, safety or rationality for use. The Government of India has finally banned 344 such drugs, though pharma companies have been able to obtain interim judicial stay orders. It is hoped that the courts take into account the serious public health implications of the sale of certain drugs and allow regulatory intervention banning uncertified combination drugs, including codeine-based cough syrups and various cold and flu drugs.

A `miracle drug' to bat tle multi-drug resist ant tuberculosis MDR-TB, and extensivelydrug resistant TB (XDRTB), will be rolled out on Monday in six public hospitals across the country.

Many in the healthcare sector were disappointed by the Union Budget.

Dengue is one of the most devastating mosquito borne diseases in the world. Plaguing mostly the developing countries, Dengue is a health hazard that takes scores of lives every year.

To check irrational use of antibiotics, packs of certain medicines will soon carry a 'red line' differentiating them from other drugs.

As dumping and burning of around 200 kg of bio-medical waste has led to environmental pollution at Kadamba Plateau, Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) has directed the Health Department to c

Having exhausted all treatment options, some cancer patients are seeking to undergo clinical trials

JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals today said it will file a review petition before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) after the Supreme Court stayed the direction issued by the Tribunal for closure

In a major breakthrough, Hyderabad-based biotechnology research company Bharat Biotech has announced that it has developed the world’s first vaccine for Zika virus.