The world s first lignite based power plant in Madras offers a viable alternative to high cost natural gas and to coal based plants which emit greenhouse gases

Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), is being considered as an effective alternative to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). In Trondheim, Norway, buses filled with LNG will soon undergo test trials. Compared to

The recycling option has once again shown that wastes like bagasse and wheat straw can be profitably used to generate energy, which could in all probability, ease the continuing energy shortage

A new lighting control equipment based on daylight sensors is being tested in eight experimental offices in Trondheim, Norway, by the Norwegian Electric Power Research Institute. One of the two

Heatermeals of Cincinnati, USA, has made it possible to have a warm meal anywhere and anytime you wish. Details on the new device (Newsweek, September 25, 1995) states: "remove the

Household garbage produces large quantities of methane which leaks into the atmosphere and contributes to the greenhouse effect. A Swedish company has come up with an innovative method to tap methane from garbage dumps and use it for heating purp

Ice that burns could provide immense energy A! future, if only scientists co figure out how to g ground. Gas hydrate, mainly fro methane, may contain twicel much energy as all fossil

An electricity generating wind turbine system for installation on roofs of urban homes has been designed by UK energy consultant Derek Taylor (Wind Power Monthly, Vol 11, No 7).

Simmering rocks found several kilometres beneath the earth's surface hold the potential to meet our power needs

The US is trying to revive solar thermal power technology