NTPC, the twelfth largest power producer in the world, has more than 900 MW of solar and wind generation units in its portfolio.

Industry is the basis for prospering societies and central to economic development. As the source of almost one-quarter of CO2 emissions, it must also be a central part of the clean energy transition.

Though they face headwinds, developers of green energy remain upbeat while gearing up for a mid-course correction

Stored energy can power GPS location-based transmitters or 1.8 volt LED

The 18 countries covered in this report are fundamental to the clean energy transition. They account for 52% of the world’s population, represent 88% of the people living in the Asia Pacific region and account for 39% of the global primary energy supply.

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission came out with a Rooftop Solar Generation order on March 25.

Soon consumers in rural India will be able to access TV and online educational material using a solar-powered device.

Waaree Energies Ltd., India's leading EPC player and solar PV manufacturer announced its foray into the stand alone solar solutions segment with Off-Grid Inverters.

The signing of the pact will help in strengthening bilateral cooperation between the two countries

This report explores the critical role buildings can play in meeting climate change ambitions, using a portfolio of clean energy solutions that exist today.