This report focuses on heavy-duty natural gas engine technologies that can achieve Euro III, IV, V and VI emission compliance levels. It is based on a comprehensive review of technical literature regarding emission performance &  technologies was performed for compressed natural gas engines of model year 2000 and newer.

European Commission has recently proposed a particulate matter (PM) number limit for light-duty diesel vehicles under the Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards. To ensure that emissions of utlrafine particles are controlled, the commission has set up this new regulatory approach that tracks emissions in terms of mass and numbers. The proposed PM number emission limit is 5x1011 particles per km. It will be applicable to all light-duty diesel vehicles at the Euro 5 (effective from 2009) and Euro 6 (effective from 2014) stage in Europe.

Innovations to make the air we breathe cleaner:
Our cities are fast becoming hard to live in, courtesy the polluted atmosphere. Breathability is at an all-time low. In this episode of Future Perfect 2.0, we talk about solutions that are making our indoor, and outdoor air quality a bit better.

With the pollution crisis in Delhi becoming an annual feature, the government has now announced a drastic plan to help clean up the air in the National Capital Region. Bharat Stage-VI fuel, equivalent to Euro-6 standards, will now be introduced in Delhi by 2018 and NCR by 2019. Will this really help in the clean up of the national capital? Are our oil companies ready to spend tens of thousands of crores to upgrade their fuel facilities? We debate on The Buck Stops Here.

19 Jan 2013

Fuel price reform is inevitable and necessary, but clean fuel and public transport agenda for health protection must not be derailed

15 Sep 2012

Not raising diesel prices would harm economy much more'