The Centre and the AAP government in Delhi will jointly tell the Supreme Court on Thursday that they are in favour of stiff charges being levied on thousands of trucks that lumber through the Capit

Nine out of 10 new diesel cars break new EU pollution limits when tested on roads rather than test tracks, according to a new report.

Analyzes results of emissions tests on 32 Euro 6 diesel passenger cars from 10 different manufacturers. Results show some automakers meeting diesel NOx emissions standards under more realistic driving conditions, while others lag badly.

Government is considering giving financial incentives of up to Rs 1.5 lakh on surrender of over-ten-year-old vehicles to check pollution and address road safety concerns, transport minister Nitin G

Question raised in Lok Sabha on International Emission Norms, 11/08/2015. Different countries have laid down different emission and fuel standards for vehicles. The emission and fuel standards adopted by some countries are given in Annexure- I.

NGO Centre for Science and Environment has critically analyzed a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research study, jointly carried out by Indian Institute of Petroleum and the University of Albe

A green body today said diesel technology and fuels in transport sector need drastic transformation to protect public health, while claiming that CSIR has "misrepresented" the findings of a study w

Says it misleads policy action on emissions standards and technology roadmap for CNG and diesel buses in India


Says it misleads policy action on emissions standards and technology roadmap for CNG and diesel buses in India

Without a proper review of the actual findings of the study, misleading conclusions have been projected in the public domain to confuse policymakers and people

CSE has obtained the actual findings that are yet to be released and reviewed it to show how the same findings give an entirely a different message

Concerning the announced EU policy initiatives towards cleaner air and a further reduction of CO₂ emissions of heavy duty vehicles (HDVs), the European bus sector welcomes these initiatives and underlines the contribution which buses and public transport in general already make towards these aims.