LUCKNOW: Flood situation on Thursday remained grim in Uttar Pradesh with a majority of the rivers, essentially in east and south-east Uttar Pradesh, flowing above the danger mark.

FAIZABAD: Sheer callousness on part of local officials prevented the state government's drought relief cheques from reaching the beneficiaries in Faizabad district.

LUCKNOW: As rivers emerging from Nepal showed no signs of relent, the floods in over a dozen districts of east UP and Terai region claimed 10 more lives on Monday, taking the toll to over 30.

People do not know about tiger behaviour. They drive the animal to aggression Recent incidents of tigers straying pose a new challenge in conservation. It

function open_new_tigers() {"dte_slideshow/20090415_tigers/tigers_terai.htm","","height=650,width=600,scrollbar=yes"); newwd.moveTo(200,75); } Tigers that recently killed 11 people were neither old nor injured Close to the foothills of the Himalaya four tigers ventured out of forests and killed 11 people in the past five months. The killings have

Reported to have been injured earlier, the stray tiger was again shot at by Foresters in the forests of Kumarganj tehsil of Faizabad district early on Tuesday morning. Despite the injury on the shoulder, it jumped towards a nullah and virtually disappeared within the thick foliage.

Five pointer crossed dogs were used to track the stray tiger at Kumarganj tehsil of Faizabad district on Monday.

However, the search turned out to be a difficult task with the dogs getting frightened of the elephants and vice-versa.

LUCKNOW: Nothing seems enough to trap the wandering big cat. Not even the handful of baits. The forest staff has so far tied as many as 11 baits to lure the tiger into the trap but the feline has shown no appetite for them. In fact, it has not even touched a single bait.

Neha Sinha Posted: Jan 19, 2009 at 0009 hrs IST

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