Breaking with tradition, Union finance minister Jaswant Singh chose not to conform to the two part format while delivering his maiden budget speech on February 28. But there was no departure from practice in this year s Union budget as it was at the end o

The us administration's proposed budget has raised the hackles of the country's environmentalists. To be sure, a sum of us $30.4 billion

BEYOND MICRO-CREDIT . Thomas Fisher and M S Sriram . Published by Vistaar Publications . New Delhi . 2002 . Rs 340 Micro finance is fast catching up. As a development strategy, such finance is

The Supreme Court has sug gested that the forested states, which lose revenue because of the ban on felling of trees should be compensated for keeping their forests intact. Protection of the

World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD , Johannesburg, August 26 September 4, 2002


Going Green Pays The us has agreed to cancel a portion of Peruvian debt

Union budget 2002 03: all the right noises, all the wrong measures

In a move that will see the world's deepest oils drilled off the East African coast, the Kenyan government has signed an exploration treaty with a uk- based company. Although the move is likely

Amid environmental concerns, a Venezue

Maharashtra s decentralisation plan gets derailed even before it can take off