To biologists’ delight, the Azuay stubfoot toad, believed to be extinct after its last sighting in 2002, has just leapt back to life.

PUNE: A group of city scientists has discovered a new leaping frog species on the edge of the Netravali wildlife sanctuary in Goa.

Many of world’s frogs may be at risk of extinction, but something new always hops up in the amphibian world.

Four new species of tooth-frog have been identified in West Africa, over 100 years after initially being identified as one single species Odontobatrachus natator.

HCM CITY (VNS) — A bat with nightmarish fangs (Hypsugo dolichodon), the world's second longest insect (Phryganistria heusii yentuensis) and a colour-changing thorny frog (Graciaxal lumarius) were a

Tiny frogs smaller in size than bumblebees have evolved with fewer fingers and toes to reduce their size to adapt to life on isolated mountaintops

A “dementor” wasp named after the Harry Potter creatures, a stick insect more than half a metre long, and a colour-changing thorny frog are among new species discovered in South East Asia’s Greater

Rena Gaborov was looking for gliders during a night-time survey in the East Gippsland forest near Bonang when she first heard the call. It stopped her in her tracks.

A Minnesota scientist in Costa Rica has discovered a new species of glass frog.

Scientists have discovered an incredible, shape-shifting frog species in the western Andean cloud forest of Ecuador, and it just may be the first ever amphibian that can rapidly change its skin tex