The Western Ghats region in the country, a global biodiversity hotspot, has opened up more of its secrets — this time a dozen species of night frogs hitherto unknown to science.

S.D. Biju of the University of Delhi and researchers from Bombay Natural History Society, Zoological Survey of India and Vrije University in Brussels, published the new finds in the latest issue of the international journal of zoological taxonomy ‘Zootaxa’.

Ten new species of frogs have been discovered by a team of biodiversity researchers, led by Anil Zachariah, veterinary surgeon, Animal Husbandry Department, during a recent exploration in the Western Ghats.

The high demand for frogs’ legs for consumption leads to the extinction of the species, says a report by international wildlife conservation groups. The report titled ‘Canapés to Extinction: The international trade in frogs’ legs and its ecological impact’ is the first ever rstudy on the frog leg market.

Proteins in frog skins which could be used to treat cancer, diabetes, stroke and transplant patients by regulating the growth of blood vessels have been discovered by Scientists at Queen's University Belfast.

Led by Professor Chris Shaw at Queen's School of Pharmacy, the scientific team has identified two proteins, or

Scientists of the University of Delhi, in a collaborative programme involving researchers from other leading institutions in the country, have rediscovered five species of frogs believed extinct long ago.

Chalazodes Bubble-nest Frog ( Raorchestes chalazodes), was last reported in 1874 from the Kalakkad-Mundanthurai region in the western ghats in south India.

The world is failing to stop the alarming loss of the Earth

Conservation planners represent many aspects of biodiversity by using surrogates with spatial distributions readily observed or quantified, but tests of their effectiveness have produced varied and conflicting results.

Raorchestes resplendens has multiple glands and extremely short limbs

NEW DELHI: Scientists have discovered a new bright reddish-orange-coloured frog with multiple glands and extremely short limbs from the highest mountain peak of the Western Ghats.

Paris: For ages, mankind has craved a tool that can provide early warning of that terrifying moment when the earth begins to shake.

Researchers Create Sugar From Sunlight In US Lab

Washington: In what could be claimed a major breakthrough, scientists have produced sugar from solar energy, using plant, bacterial, frog and fungal enzymes.