Many species in some of the most remote vestiges of Britain's overseas territories face extinction unless a government plan to protect them sets out clearly defined preservation targets, according

From smooth newts living by the Tate Modern to common frogs across London, amphibians are widespread in the capital, but snakes and other reptiles are largely confined to its outer rings, the first

MELBOURNE'S expanding urban growth boundary is forecast to hit remnant populations of one of the state's most endangered frogs, just as new figures show an almost 30 per cent drop in growling grass

PROTECTIONS for key threatened species in areas added to Victoria's urban growth boundaries by the Baillieu government have been wound back under yet to be released biodiversity plans.

A Malaysian researcher known for finding new amphibian species said Friday his team had discovered at least one new species of frog in studies he said highlight Borneo's rich biodiversity.

Gorillas, cockatoos and frogs are among a list of threatened species to benefit from a $3.3 million aid award, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) said yesterday.

If not kissing the frog, at least appreciating their ‘croak’ may lead to some headway in to climate research.

They thought it had croaked. But missing for a half-century and listed as extinct in 1996, the Hula painted frog has been spotted again in northern Israel, its only known habitat.

ALAPPUZHA: Two species of frogs found in Kerala are endangered, a study has found.

They are for educators and institutions that would like to campaign for the cause

India is the global host of the International Year of Forests, declared by the United Nations, and there is lot that we could do to protect our forests and animals. This is what the volunteers of Zoo Outreach Organisation point out though the study kits released during the Wildlife Week.