A new tadpole that burrows through sand has been discovered in the Western Ghats of India, scientists report.

Researchers say they have discovered a new frog species with distinctive yellow eyebrows in Colombia.

Two new tree frog species with gemstone-colored eyes have been discovered in broadleaf forests in the island country of Taiwan.

The discovery of a new Himalayan forest frog clade in Tibet has been confirmed. It will join 12 other Chinese amphibian families.

For more than a century, two mysterious tree frog specimens collected by a British naturalist in 1870 and housed at the Natural History Museum in London were assumed to be part of a vanished specie

The UK saw "unprecedented" jellyfish invasions and another bad year for wasps as wildlife faced weather highs and lows in 2015.

MIAMI – Scientists have discovered six new kinds of African clawed frog, boosting the number of known species by 30 percent and offering new avenues for research on human disease, said a study Wedn

A new species of tree frog was discovered and another species of bush frog was rediscovered by a team of researchers during their recent exploration in the Western Ghats.

A "loss of resilience" among Australia's native animals has ecologists on alert ahead of what is forecast to be a long, hot summer.

It turns out that estrogen may be causing frogs to change in suburban areas. Scientists have found that estrogen is changing the ratio of male to female green frogs at nearby ponds.