By going through the factors responsible for the failure of Ganga Action Plan (GAP), the parliamentary standing committee on science and technology, environment and forests has doubts if the Prime

ALLAHABAD: Alarmed over the ever increasing level of pollution in the Ganga, especially in the backdrop of ongoing MahaKumbh and TOI publishing news on the deteriorating condition of the river, plu

In a severe indictment of efforts to clean up the Ganga, a study conducted by the National Cancer Registry Programme has found that those living along the banks of the river are more prone to cance

KANPUR: "Everybody is concerned about the plight of the Ganga, but still the pollution in the river goes unchecked.

Bacterial contamination in the Ganges has exceeded the maximum permissible limit at a number of locations even as 80 per cent of pollution in the river is due to discharge of sewage, the government

The Ganga today is more polluted than when the Ganga Action Plan was launched in 1985.

The Union government has decided to protect one major river in the State on the lines of the Ganga Action Plan.

The State government has been asked to submit a proposal to conserve one major river in the State, such as Periyar, which has been badly polluted, said K.V. Thomas, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution. Talking on the sidelines of a national seminar on food safety, organised by the Bureau of Indian Standards here on Monday, Prof. Thomas said the issue of drinking water pollution should be addressed at the source of the pollution of the water body.

Cutting across political lines, Lok Sabha members on Monday joined hands to demand immediate intervention by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to save the Ganga and make it pollution-free at the earlie

Decades and crores of rupees later, Ganga is dirtier than ever. Despite fasts, protests and resignations, nothing seems to have moved the government.

The quantity of water in a river is as important as the quality, something the government fails to understand. (Editorial)