River Panel With Strong Powers May Put Paid To CM

Retired IIT Kanpur professor G D Agarwal is currently on a hunger strike against the proposed construction of more dams on the Bhagirathi-Ganga. Sunday Times reports on his struggle

Pollution of the Hooghly by industries and municipalities will be monitored by a cell within the state pollution control board and an independent committee. A Telegraph picture The state environment department has decided to constitute a cell within the state pollution control board and an independent committee to monitor pollution of the Hooghly, after the Centre shot down the proposal to form a separate authority for the purpose.

While the Magh Mela at the Sangam in Allahabad attracted tens of thousands of pilgrims each day over the last month for their annual dips, as usual, the UP government can sigh with relief that there were no protests this time, unlike during the Ardha Kumbh Mela in January last year when sadhus threatened to take

RELIGIOUS gatherings such as the Ardh Kumbh at Allahabad always test the organisational mettle of local administrative bodies. This event happens once in six years at the sangam (confluence) of the

Ganga Action Plan

Veerbhadra Mishra heads the Sankat Mochan Foundation, an NGO at the forefront in trying to revive the Ganga s fortunes in Varanasi. A man who wears many hats head priest of the Sankat Mochan Temple, a former engineer, an activist Mishra tells Pradip S