The discovery of the cause of a

Alcoholism and genes: a collaborative study is closing on in establishing a link between the two

True, prevention is better than cure, but what about inherited diseases? To tackle the problem of a particular disease going on in families, the National Institute of Health and Johns Hopkins

Crippled Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) could be useful in gene therapy, says Inder Verma, a gene therapy specialist at the Salk Institute in California, USA. Retroviruses, the family to

By identifying the proteins with which the gene responsible for Huntington's disease reacts, researchers are optimistic of finding an antidote for this ailment

Primary muscle cells myoblasts can act as synthesising agents for proteins. transplanted in the body of a patient, myoblasts could help in tackling inherited disorders like those of the heart

A new class of mutations, involving duplications instead of deletion or 'misspelling:nd displaying queer patterns of transmission, might be behind a host of genetic and neurological disorders that afflict humankind

Does a mutation take place to fulfil a specific purpose? Do organisms affected by particular factors respond by mutating to alternative states? A few recent experiments suggest as much

The loss of a single gene turns a normal mouse into a sexual offender and murderer! Solomon Snyder and his team at the John Hopkins University and Massachusetts General Hospital in the US

In the animal kingdom, males ofte try to mate with more females an produce more offspring. In man insects, however, the testes weaken by the time the male reaches sexuamaturity