IN SHAKESPEARE'S The Tempest, Prospero describes Caliban as "a devil, a born devil, on whose nature nurture can never stick". In modern terms, what Prospero means is that Caliban is a knave and that

Information available on the present status of genetic diseases in India is relatively meagre, considering the number and varieties of its populations. Data, based mainly on those from uurban referral units, suggest that the incidence is fairly high with the preponderance of certain defects in particular areas and subpopulations.

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Radioactive waste from three government-owned uranium mines has put about 50,000 people in Jharkhand's Jaduguda at risk. The people, mostly tribal communities, suffer from serious radiation-related

They are our best friends. But, if a study is to be believed, humans and dogs share more than just friendship and companionship

Punjab's Malwa region, south of the Sutlej river, grabbed national attention a couple of years ago when its steeply rising cancer graph came to light. Studies had revealed the link between heavy

IN GOD'S OWN COUNTRY Directed by Rajani Mani and Nina Subramani . Produced by Elephant Corridor . English . 28 mins . 2002 Kasaragod, a district in north

Pollutants in the environment cause dreaded diseases like cancer by mutating some genes. Scientists have begun to explore the human genome to trace these genes

Do headaches, stomach upsets and several other minor ailments have their roots in the speed of genetic mutations?

Replacement and alteration of defective genes is a milestone in gene therapy

Researchers at the National Cancer Centre Research Institute, Tokyo, and the Chiba University School of Medicine in Japan, have made a significant discovery which may help correct genetic disorders