A pair of genes responsible for causing breast cancer have been nabbed

Biological molecules hold the key to understanding diverse life processes and to correct aberrations

The root cause of most disorders of the nervous system often lies with defective genes

The 17th International Congress of Genetics highlighted the role that genetic technology could play in shaping our world.

Scientists suggest a disorder that causes periods of ecstasy and depression is passed on through mothers.

A recent study suggests a link between genes and foul temper.

PEOPLE with strong body odour may probably be carrying a faulty gene, according to researchers from London's St Mary's Hospital Medical School. The researchers say they are close to nailing the gene

SCIENTISTS have discovered a gene that could make a person more prone to developing Alzheimer's disease -- a brain disorder that induces premature senility -- after the age of 65. The suspected

Paralysing geneUS SCIENTISTS have homed in on a gene defect linked to a debilitating nerve disorder known as Lou Gehrig's disease (Cambridge University Alumni Magazine). The disease, a celebrated

Scientists have hit on a gene that decides exactly where internal organs will be positioned in the body of a mouse