maharashtra has set up a committee to look into the growing prevalence of sickle cell anaemia in the state and prepare a plan to check the spread of the disease. The move comes in the wake of a


genetic cracker: There's hope for people suffering from Huntington's disease. The lethal disease is programmed in the genes and appears at a predictable age in adulthood, causing a decline in mental

scientists have developed a non-invasive method for diagnosing Down's Syndrome


Do you believe that by being ecofriendly you are protecting future generations from the menace of pollution? Think again. A new study shows that pollution from coal fires triggers genetic defects

The science of cloning is in the nascent stage

Viability of gene therapy doubted with the discovery that it has led to leukaemia

Even occasional exposure to benzene can damage human genes

Air pollution causes genetic damage among Kolkata residents

Anti HIV drugs can mutate the genes of an embryo