The ecodevelopment project being implemented in Gir National Park has raked up a controversy on the issue of relocation of the native Maldhari community

Translocating some lions from Gujarat's Gir sanctuary the home of the endangered Asiatic lion to the Kuno wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh to save the big cat could mean people trouble. The forest dwellers in both areas sense that their lives wi

ANIMAL welfare activists in India have never adopted the path of physical violence taken by a section of those who protested against live cattle exports in England earlier this February. They do,

This indicative plan has based on the work of field/park directors and their colleagues in the eight protected areas, and of various non-governmental organisations involved in carrying out PRA in the proposed project area.

The death of 20 Asiatic lions in a single year (2003-2004) in Gujarat's Gir forests has stirred up a debate in the current session of the state assembly. Ironically, more potent threats to the big

the guessing game regarding the number of Asiatic lions ( Panthera leo persica ) in Gujarat's Gir Sanctuary has come

More than 200 villagers of Ghatvad village in Amreli district of Gujarat, have been on dharna (sit-in demonstration) for the past 25 days. They are protesting against the granting of a mining lease

Jan-Feb 1995 •Preparation for relocation and rehabilitation of the local people from proposed national park area in Kuno with their consent. •Translocation of captured nilgai, sambar

The concern over protecting the Asiatic lion relegated forestdwellers to secondary status in Gir

The introduction of the lion to the Kuno forests has been meticulously planned