Approximately 300 Asiatic lions Panthera leo persica are confined to the 1,883 km2 Gir forests in Gujarat, western India. To establish a second home for the Asiatic lion in its former range, Kuno Wildlife Division (1,280 km2, with a core 345 km2 Sanctuary) has been identified in Madhya Pradesh.

A raging debate continues between social and wildlife scientists in India on the relocation of people from parks to decrease conflicting interests of wildlife conservation and the local people. The goal of such relocations is to enhance the conservation of threatened species like the tiger.

The policy discourse on management of protected areas (PAs) has come a long way from purely conservationist strategies to participatory approaches. In between these two there is a wide range of options that combine different elements of resource sharing, market regulation and privatization.

the existence of protected areas in Gujarat is threatened. Cement industries and lime stone quarries have taken their toll on Gir forests. The Marine National Park and sanctuary have

Road through the Gir sanctuary opens up Pandora s box

following the death of five lions in the Gujarat's Gir Sanctuary within a span of three months, the state forest department plans to shift some of the lions to the neighbouring Barda hill forest

Thanks to mismanagement, inefficiency and corruption of the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, residents of many areas in the city are facing

ASIATIC lions are found at only one place in the world - the Gir National Park, Gujarat. Now the Union ministry of environment and forests is planning a second home for them at an estimated cost of

at a time when all that we hear about is extinction of the once-bountiful and varied flora and fauna, here's some good news. Eleven new species of reptiles and six amphibians have been sighted

THE lions are going on a safari to see humans being evicted. At stake is the culture and lifestyle of a community of tribals, primarily forest-gatherers, rich in the knowledge of traditional herbs