Dhari: A chinkara and three neelgais were found dead at Kuguda village far m in Tarasiya range, 15 km off Gir (East) sanctuary boundary on Saturday. However, state forest department ruled out any possibility of a poaching case.

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BEST SEEN AT: Gir National Park, Gujarat; Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka
STATUS: Schedule I
GOOD TO KNOW: Lives without water

Bhavnagar: Two lion cubs were found dead on the outskirts of Rani village, bordering Gir forest that falls in Jesar taluka of Bhavnagar district on Thursday morning. Investigations revealed the cubs were killed by a lion of another pride during a fight among themselves, said foresters here.

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New Delhi: The fire that engulfed a part of Gujarat

JUNAGADH: Was it a case of a controlled fire going out of control? While the forest fire that broke out in the tall grasslands of Mitiala range Gir razed in fire 300 hectares of forest area of the Gir was razed in fire at Junagadh.

Ahmedabad : The gen-next eco activists could be right in your home. Forest department officials are now roping in school students for conservation of sanctuaries like Nalsarovar, Thol and even Gir.


Junagadh: Barely a month after 19 poachers

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