Coal mining is one of the biggest threats to habitats of the big cats in the country.

A recent assessment of impact of tourism activities and infrastructure on tigers and other wildlife in and around Corbett Tiger Reserve. Says that tourism inside the core critical habitat is unsustainable and is a serious threat to Corbett.

SEVENTY-YEAR-OLD MURLIDHAR Sadashiv of Nandivade in Jaigad taluk of Maharashtra

If you knew it costs the earth Rs 15 lakh a year to pay your car

The obituary of the cheetah

Panthera Pardus
BEST SEEN AT: Gir National Park, Gujarat; Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka
STATUS: Schedule I
GOOD TO KNOW: Lives without water

The dawn OF 2009 only brought despair for the tiger. One shocking revelation was the unprecedented poaching in the past three months. From November to January, skins and bones of seven tigers have been seized, plus three killed by poachers. Seventeen tigers have been found dead

JULY 2008: Hope had almost died, much like the sanctuary at Bharatpur, starved of water and life for nearly five years. As the monsoon approached, many a hopeful eye looked to the sky. This time, the gods did not disappoint and rain drenched a parched earth.