Environmental groups in Ecuador have raised concerns about a project to build a crude oil pipeline through Mindo ecological reserve. The area is an important habitat for birds. The groups have urged

it is difficult to categorise Natural Premises: Ecology and Peasant Life in the Wes

Continuous pounding of the coasts of Victoria island in Nigeria by the Atlantic ocean threatens its safety

The number of people emigrating is rising steadily every year. All these movements derive from the failure of societies to meet the fundamental needs and aspirations of their citizens, for safe

A new fossils throws open the debate on Homo erectus

Ever since humans learnt to make shelters, they knew how to regulate sunlight to heat or cool buildings.

This book describes major environmental changes in India. It's a balance sheet of India's resources and focuses attention on the effect of ecological degradation on the poor. The interesting thing in the second report is the information that is provides on the linkages that operate on what can be called the interface areas: at the interfaces between different ecological spaces like croplands, grazing lands and forests; between the people and their environment; between economies of towns and villages, and so on.