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For the past three or four years, environmental groups have been highlighting conditions in ship demolition yards, primarily in the Indian subcontinent and China. So the code's call for all ships to

The campaign against child labour, disputing claims by fireworks manufacturers, estimates that about 45,000 children are still employed in the fireworks units in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, in hazardous

Last year before Diwali, the Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufacturers' Association (TFAA) put out advertisements proclaiming that there was no child labour involved in the firecracker industry.

Fire burned out of control on Tuesday at the scene of pipleline explosion in southern Nigeria that killed about 250 villagers who had been scooping up gasoline with buckets, witnesses

Students from various schools of Delhi gathered at the India Gate lawns this evening to express their solidarity with children who work in the firecracker industry and other similar hazardous

A Cambodian court convicted two Taiwan men in absentia over the dumping of about 3,000 tonnes of mercury-tainted waste last year. The court in the southern port city of Sihanoukville sentenced

Five residents of Dichau Kalan village, in southwest Delhi, were killed on Saturday by piosonous gas in a well being dug further for water. The gas was said to be a combination of methane and carbon

A new detergent can help reduce waste emissions during dry cleaning